MSP Pro of 13+ Years, Hosting and wordpress expert, DIY Electronics and Keyboard enthusiast

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About Me

Having made my way up through the ranks of MSP positions, I left the management team of a large sussex based MSP to branch out on my own. I have over 13 years experience working in and running IT Helpdesks and Project teams. I have delivered projects for single office staff, and for premier league football teams. I have been deploying production servers since Server 2003. I have advanced knowledge and understanding of TCP/IP, Networking, and the OSI model.

To date I have completed 2 Autotask + Datto RMM implementations, one from scratch and one as a migration from Connectwise. One with consultation assistance from Autotask, and one without. I have adopted over 12,000 endpoints into Datto RMM and configured monitoring policies for them all.

2010 I started learning and working with electronics. In this time I have built close to 150 mechanical keyboards, either for myself or for private customers. I have built a handful of synthesizers and stomp boxes. I’ve built my entire hifi, headphone amp and dac. I can fix most things.

I dabble in wordpress and hosting, I can build, host, and support your site. I work with a designer, so together we can offer an entire bespoke website solution.

Skills Matrix

Bullet_PinkEletronic Device Repair
Bullet_Teal Mac Support
Bullet_PinkFirewalls and Routing (Cisco)
Bullet_TealInfrastructure / Cabling Install
Bullet_PinkHome Cinema / AV Setup and Install
Bullet_TealVMWare Vsphere/ESXi
Bullet_Pink Hosting
Bullet_TealIRIS / SAGE / Accountancy Support
Bullet_PinkAutotask / Datto RMM
Bullet_PinkSME Support
Bullet_Teal Solution Architect / Network Design
Bullet_PinkFirewalls and Routing (Non-Cisco)
Bullet_Teal Microsoft: Anything
Bullet_PinkAccount Management
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Professional Portfolio Highlights

BHAFC – Amex Stadium & TG

Network Redesign and Install

  • During my Tenure at IT First, Delivered by Focus Group
  • I designed the new public and corporate network
  • Network to support 15000 users
  • 1gb/s and 10gb/s internet lines
  • NAC/PAC = Clearpass
  • Management = Aruba Airwave
  • Switches = All Aruba, ZL5400 and 2930F
  • Over 100 new switches
  • OSPF
  • No-Downtime install and migration

Wave Leisure

Account Manager, Colo and Growth

  • During my tenure at IT First
  • Growth – 8 sites to 17
  • New decentralised corporate network
  • New diverse supplier WAN strategy
  • No expensive comms
  • Redundant and resiliant core network with multiple weighted routes for every production link


Personal Portfolio


mechanical keyboards



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