IONOS by 1&1 – Honest review

I have been hosting websites for over 10 years and i’ve worked with quite a few providers, and had quite a lot of different levels of “hosting”.

Currently I have a few hosting contracts. I have quite a lot of shared hosting, but I’ve also just invested in a VPS – I’m concerned it’s going to be the first of many as I think they’re amazing!

I now have ALL my hosting with IONOS, they provide the DNS for most of my domains, though some registrars are different. Why is this? Because since I started using their products I can’t get enough of the cost or the performance!

Products I currently have with IONOS:

  • Web hosting Business (pending cancellation)
  • Web hosting Pro (pending cancellation)
  • Web hosting Expert – I am going to keep this subscription
  • VPS XL Size (4c 8gb 160gb SSD) – Ubuntu 20.04 + Plesk subscription – I will be keeping the VPS

Other hosting I have:

  • Azure – few subscriptions and a few Ubuntu servers – all IaaS
  • AWS – 1 ubuntu server

I think the shared hosting on IONOS is very good, however, and importantly for some people, it does not use CPanel or Plesk. I actually like the way their hosting is controlled, but I am also not an amateur. I don’t think I would recommend my Mum IONOS to build her first website if she wanted to do the self hosted way (I actually know for a fact that my mother is not building any websites – as I’m building it for her!). I have customers who are on IONOS but wanted to move as they couldn’t get their head around the control panel, they have all stayed since I started managing their accounts. I have not experienced any downtime the entire time i’ve been using IONOS – totally anecdotal, however, some hosting I’ve been with was up and down like a yoyo (cough, TSO Hosts, cough), but ultimately they definitely satisfy their SLA for uptime.

Cost at IONOS is amazing. Some people complain that the shared hosting doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt, and I can appreciate that. However – if support say the best way to get a cert is to buy a new contract which will cost you £1 for the entire year, and cancel it, and you end up with a DigiCERT – then this is MUCH better than Let’s encrypt! All the subs have discounts for the initial term, and what you get for your money is really, really good.

I doubt i’ll ever get to the max diskspace I’m allowed on any of my subs as there is a hard cap on the amount of files. It’s not a small number but I’m using something like 10% of my hosting quota and 45% of my files quota – this is a minor annoyance, it will probably annoy me if I ever fill it, but I doubt I will.

Additional performance levels on shared hosting are cheap and bring real difference to the package. CDN is provided by cloudflare and is bundled for free with some contracts (Expert and above I believe), you can also configure this to provide DDoS protection etc

So if you think the cost of the shared hosting the cost for the VPS will blow your mind! after the initial term the cost of the VPS is £16 per month, the VPS is no slouch by any means. It has quite a small hard drive which is frustrating, but again, 16 quid a month! I run lesser machines in Azure which cost more money that this. What’s the catch? Well to be honest – I haven’t found them yet! After signing up for my VPS I was connected to root within about 30 minutes. I opted for the + Plesk subscription, and to my surprise this is somehow absorbed in the already cheap price. What’s the cost of the initial term…… £1 per month for 6 months! Entirely crazy pricing. My only real complaint about the VPS is the size of the hard drive, it’s small, but at the same time – disk space is the most over sold thing on the internet, so maybe they’ve got it right? Icing on the cake is my VPS achieves 400/400 connectivity, which is nice and quick.

If you need hosting and you are not a complete novice then consider IONOS. If you are a complete novice then consider their managed wordpress offering etc. As soon as you aren’t a complete Novice – move to their shared hosting and learn the web!

Ionos for me is a solid 9 out of 10 and I think I will be with them for a long time, assuming nothing goes wrong.

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