Got a bit interested in crypto, got a small wallet and read about LiteBringer and thought you’d give it a go? Me too! Here’s my thoughts, opinions and tips for LiteBringer

Elevator pitch: If you play idle games on your phone, this might be the game for you – for the most part it is inventory management and unlocking missions to farm more materials to unlock more missions. Rinse and repeat.

I have found it quite difficult to get my head around all the mechanics of the game as I either didnt read the breif instructions correctly or I misunderstood them.

I am definitely not a pro, but I think I understand fairly well now how to play the game. There doesn’t seem to really be much endgame stuff beyond endlessly grinding and getting more powerful, to endlessly grind some more. I hope this will be improved on in the future as the game is still really new.

Tips from me to you

  • When you can get your first loot from a mission this does not mean the mission is finished
    • When it says 10 rounds 10 blocks this means you can leave your character there for 10 rounds to keep receiveing loot and experience. I don’t know why I didn’t get this, but after 1 block you will be able to draw any loot and send on new quests, if you do this you are essentially resigning on the remaining rounds. Essentially as there is a cost for every quest, if you do this you will be spending more LTC and receiving fewer rewards.
  • Dont immediately mine for elemental stones for your armour set when you’re a low level low power
    • The mining quests have a 1 time bonus, the first time you mine there, where you get huge rewards for staying in there for a long time. Your character gets this once ever on each mine.
  • There is quite a few cheap armour sets in the marketplace that will get you to 1k-2k power, this will mean you can stay in quests much longer and draw much more loot, to dismantle and create resources – so buy one, as it will normally have all matched attributes which would take you an eternity to farm especially at a low level
  • Do not try and sell any Tier 1 items on the market as they will not sell
  • Get onto Tier 2 stuff as quickly as possible – everything dismantles for significantly more resources than Tier 1
  • Get to Level 30 and evolve as quickly as possible
  • Build your armour sets with the same Elemental affinity AND Relevance to a specific class AND Effect (if possible), decide when you’re sub level 30 which class you want to evolve into, get those items
  • You will probably need a few sets of armour with a different combination of the above to be able to complete all missions
  • Start doing Tier II boss fights as early as possible these will give you the most XP over the shortest amount of time – you should be able to hit some which your character is strong against from 3k-ish power, and when you’re around 3.6k-3.8k you should be able to get about 10 rounds in @ 4 blocks per round, this will give you over 100K XP in about 1.5 hours.
  • All missions will have a padlock in the top right which will display the requirements to unlock that mission. Normally it’s having keys, or having met a minimum level, or a combination of these things
  • When in your inventory to be able to see the star rating (Relevance) of your inventory you need to change the filter at the top to display the class you’re trying to equip, the relevance is not 3 star (Gold) for all classes, this can make finding and building armour sets a bit more time consuming
  • Your probably want more than one character, just makes farming and growing a bit easier
  • Your characters all experience their own unique maps and achievements but all share the same inventory, single time bonus’ and missions are unique to each character

Getting to Level 30 the first time is a bit grindy but the game does open up a bit after that so it’s worth it. Maybe one day LiteCoins will be worth loads, and hopefully they introduce some new stuff. With lots of lockdown time on my hands I will continue to grind away for a little while.


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