Sonicwall Gen 7 – Not fit for market

Throughout my career there has often been experiences which have left a bad taste in my mouth. Or clear demonstrations of bad customer service.

My most recent, and still ongoing experience with SonicWall I think has put me off selling their stuff for life. I have worked at Gold, Silver and Registered partners. I’ve sold their stuff for more than 8 years at this point, and I have sold, configured and installed equipment available at every price point. Soho’s to Supermassives – I’ve literally done it all.

5 weeks ago I purchased for my customer a TZ470 on a 2 year secure upgrade. Prior to purchase, I checked on all the SonicWall KB to ensure compatability and a support migration path – this all checked out. I received the firewall, I went onsite on a saturday morning to install it. I backed up the old config and imported it onto the new device – all run of the mill stuff, however, on reboot the new unit shows no interfaces at all, just displays “No Data”

I engaged with the vendor, I engaged with the distributor. I showed this issue to SonicWall field engineers – who admitted there were issues with the Gen7 release firmware especially interfaces (that’s right – confirmed that there were bugs in release firmware). Specifically if you set interfaces to PPPoE then all the interfaces will go – this is the exact issue I have.

SonicWall refused to take back my unit and say it’s a support issue. After 1 week of working with SonicWall field engineers they tell me to raise a ticket with support.

So I raise a ticket with Support. This involves re-doing all the things I have already done with SonicWall field engineers. Factory reset the device, safe-mode factory reset the device, try manual configuration – everything fails. I cannot even manually configure an interface as PPPoE and maintain any interfaces as they all vanish. What use is a firewall where you cannot see or edit interfaces? SonicWall still refuse to take back the device in order to let me buy another device.

This has now gone on for 5 weeks. My customer has an old TZ300 which is faulty – I’ve made this quite clear, still no motivation from SonicWall to resolve.

So here I am now, a brand new firmware released which was immediately confirmed by support to not solve the issue (!!), 3 beta firmwares I’ve tried which do not work. More than 15 hours in lost consultation time literally spent wiping the box, safe-mode wiping the box and flashing configs.

Be very warey on SonicWall and their Gen7 devices. This is no longer the company it used to be. 5 weeks a brand new device has spent on my desk, 5 weeks the end user has had a faulty device remain in production.

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